The people who color FilmFestivalLife

The FFL team reflects the international scope of the festival circuit and the colour of Berlin. We are:

Luca Zamai - CEO

“I'm here to help this bunch of great, forward thinking people shape and grow FFL into a platform that challenges the current standard“

ON FILM: Luca's first theatrical experiences, Flashdance and E.T. were also respectively his first crush (Jennifer Beal) and first love (for extraordinary experiences). Working in the industry since 97’, he has progressively shifted from DoP to director to producer and, most recently, to gambler.

ON FESTIVALS: In a not too distant memory, Luca traveled the circuit for a couple of years with his award winning short: NIEMAND LIEBT DICH SO WIE ICH. Somewhere between the middle and the end, he rekindled his first love: extraordinary festival experiences.

ON LIFE: Luca's compulsion with making things happen can only be interrupted by a serious tournament of hold'em. His life in Berlin feeds on the challenge of getting things done, despite all of city’s calls to hedonism... Luca also founded FFL.


“I am in close dialogue with film festivals to work out new ways the industry can partner to create extraordinary things“

ON FILM: For anyone who has asked Nadine what she loves about film, they have been witness to her passionately untangling the production process. It’s not about the final applause for her, it is the team; introduced, befriended, tested, alienated and celebrated, all within the space of production week. Film’s all-embracing family is her reason for continuing to return to the film world.

ON FESTIVALS: Vivid. Enthusiastic. Creative. Intense. Confrontational. Nadine could fill the page with words that signal the film festival experience. Without a page available, she has one defining word: GO! Attending festivals from San.Fran. to Leipzig, Nadine understands how a real festival life should be lived.

ON LIFE: A true optimist. If there is a challenge or problem, she will solve it calmly and positively. What life also means to her: Activity. Sports, sports, sports. Definitely a person to keep by your side in the event of a natural disaster. Nadine also co-founded FFL.


“I improvise new ways of accessing, using and sharing FFL“

ON FILM: Claire gnaws her nails in the time between teaser trailer, trailer and release of: Twilight. No, really. Mostly she loves whimsy and watching, rewinding and replaying work by Gondry and Gilliam.

ON FESTIVALS: Has been responsible for roughly 120 performances and events, as part of petite to grossly overfed festivals. To oversimplify, Claire likes festivals. This is partly because of their tendency to bring people together in comfortable and uncomfortable situations to experience something and talk about it.

ON LIFE: Life for Claire is open eyed, communicative and often candid, connecting with people in the extraordinary and understanding how networks can collaborate. Her databases of filmmakers, artists, performers and media are also her contact lists for hang outs. There is no work/life ‘line‘ for her.


“I talk to filmmakers and other film friends to make sure FFL is always social“

ON FILM: Jana’s first cinema experience was Astrid Lindgren’s Ronja The Robber's Daughter. Set in the creepy Scandinavian woodlands, she continued to swap between watching the back of the cinema chair and the screening, trapped in a tug-of-war between fear and engrossment. Leaving the cinema, she experienced for the first time, that changed world; seeing and smelling everything a little bit differently.

ON FESTIVALS: For Jana, festivals are a a collective of vibrant and contagious energy, with the power to influence everything. New perspectives can be grown within three days. Life-long friends can be built within hours.

ON LIFE: Jana is visual: digital and analogue, photography and film; she loves connecting visually over good coffee and Canon vs. Nikon usability debates.